As rains intensify, sewage surges into Wisconsin waters

Climate change is bringing heavier rains, making it tougher to keep untreated sewage and stormwater out of the Great Lakes.

Wisconsin Weekly: How one doctor fights her community’s opioid crisis

Rural pain, ‘forever’ chemicals, depression at dairy farms, pot pardons, UW’s racial reckoning

‘Sometimes it’s just pain, pain, pain’: Inside a rural Wisconsin doctor’s fight to manage opioid use

Rural residents are more prone to chronic pain and opioid addiction, but their health care systems offer fewer alternatives and treatments. In the village of Necedah, population 916, one doctor set out to change that.

Wisconsin Weekly: Many reproductive procedures off-limits as Catholic hospitals grow in Wisconsin

Catholic hospitals, voter purge, costly insulin, lost guns, refugee confusion

Behind the story: What Wisconsin Watch learned in its 2019 marijuana investigation

Legalization in Wisconsin still faces many hurdles, including opposition from top GOP leaders. But our series, The Cannabis Question, provided crucial fodder for this public debate. News outlets across the country picked up these stories 433 times, reaching an estimated audience of 5.3 million people.

Video — Behind the story: How Wisconsin Watch reported The Cannabis Question series

Managing editor for the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism Dee J. Hall discusses the findings of The Cannabis Question series and the fact-checking process used by Wisconsin Watch in this video.